Second workplaces can be a hazard. Disturbing noises from the kitchen as well as conversations in a formal environment can affect productivity. Third workplaces can be a great solution. They can provide an inspirational view or even high-tech conference rooms. This is the synergy between the office and home that is shaping the new work environment.

The first workplace The first workplace was home: the family

“Home” is a term that is a source of many meanings. Not only in the physical sense of the house, but regarding the emotional and social aspects of someone’s daily life. It refers to a feeling of safety, stability, and comfort that a home offers. Additionally, it can have legal implications, which can be relevant to probate law and tax liability. It’s used at the workplace as a reference to a safe and welcoming environment that allows employees to feel at ease being themselves. It can increase employee satisfaction which leads to improved productivity and increased growth.

That’s why it’s essential to take into consideration how you can make the workplace an environment that is safe and comfortable environment for your employees.

Second workplace: The office

The workplace, to most people, can be a source of drudgery and monotony. Sidney’s initial experience of freedom is working in an office. She gets her first job out of high school at Dunder Mifflin in Scranton. A time in which the rate of unemployment is in freefall, finding the right job with a good pay rate could be like winning the lottery. This is a great job because she is able to make amusing jokes with her colleagues or hold her own Dundies Awards ceremony. These are things that could have been huge in the past, but they’re a bit of a stretch in the present.

The third work place: the venue

Third workplaces are an alternative location that allows you to work outside of the home and office for example, coffee shops or co-working space. The third workplace allows you to log onto your computer and work without having to worry about the office or home.

New places are popping up where you can work from the office and home all throughout the globe, as remote and hybrid working gets more and more sought-after. Demand for this type of work could rise even further, according to a recent survey from Axios.

Teleworking in a café, hotel or co-working space has become increasingly sought-after by employees who want to be productive in their job. Actually, about 65% of companies plan to establish a multi-functional workplace following the pandemic, in the words of Axios.

They’re a wonderful method to boost productivity and morale, as well as promote engagement among employees. It also allows employees to decide on their workspace which allows them to perform their work in a manner that really brings out the best in them. Flexibility of this method can be a great option to draw and keep employees with talent.

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