Members of the European Parliament, EU officials as well as EU officials can’t think of anything better than to be proud of President Zelensky of Ukraine for unexpectedly showing up at London this morning. It was a welcomed surprise particularly in light of the numerous security issues and the fact that his visit was secretly covered up because of fears of Russian attempted assassinations. The surprise appearance of the president Zelensky to London was brought about through the meetings with Charles Michel, the European Council president, and Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission president, which took place earlier this month, in Kyiv. They had discussed several security measures in order to in the protection of the Ukrainian president. New developments indicate an optimistic outlook for Europe-Ukraine relations.

1. What happened when President Zelensky as well as Charles Michel meet?

The summit with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen European Council President Charles Michel, along with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky held on the 9th of July 2020 was groundbreaking in terms of the discussion about security violations which have resulted in Brussels with a sour face. This meeting was significant because it marked the first time that the EU and Ukraine have held an official summit following the 2014 Ukraine crisis. At this summit, participants discussed security lapses that have occurred in Brussels and discussed the actions necessary to ensure that such lapses do not repeat themselves later on.

2. What has the impact of the events this week on President Zelensky’s plans for attending his participation in the EU summit?

After the scandalous security breakdown that occurred in Brussels which has left the EU looking sour, the possible effects of the incident this week on President Zelensky’s plans to take part in the forthcoming EU summit that is scheduled for Brussels is crucial. The incident, in which a Latvian cameraman gain access the VIP entrance of the EU Council building it has cast a shadow of doubt about the security of the EU and raised questions about the safety of the Summit attendees. The incident caused the plans of President Zelensky to attend the Summit to be reassessed. He cannot accept the risks to his security.

3. What security precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of President Zelensky?

It is imperative that the security of President Zelensky is secured in the wake of Security lapses leaving Brussels in a state of shock. This is why various security measures have been put in place in order to secure the president. This includes increased surveillance, enhanced perimeter security, greater intelligence gathering and greater awareness of potential threats. Additionally, additional security personnel are deployed and better communications between security personnel, and new technology is being assessed. Security procedures are being revised and updated to deal with any potential threats. This was done to ensure the safety of the president as well as public safety in the event of security breaches.

4. What is it that makes the journey of President Zelensky hidden in the shadows?

It is not uncommon for the travel of presidents, especially one from a country with as influential in geopolitics as Ukraine and its presidents, to be shrouded in secrecy due to security reasons and for diplomatic purposes. With the high-profile nature of news reports on security lapses leaving Brussels in a state of shock, it’s easy to see why President Zelensky’s journey is shrouded in secret to ensure protection. This incident highlights how important it is to have protocols and rules of conduct for security of a country’s leader, and the need to ensure that these protocols and processes to be continuously examined and updated to ensure that they are effective.

A Quick Summary

In the end, the visit of Ukrainian the president Volodymyr Zelensky to Brussels was a show of confidence and support by the EU for the Ukrainian leader, despite numerous security incidents in the last week. Even with these challenges It is evident that the EU continues to have faith in Zelensky’s determination to help bring Ukraine closer to Europe and farther away from Russia. The visit confirms Zelensky’s commitment to this path and gives the impression that Ukraine will not be defeated by Russian violence.

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