The town of Monterey Park was struck by tragedy last Saturday night, just east of Los Angeles. A massive manhunt was launched in the late hours of Saturday, after a male shot at a dance nightclub and hall in the city. The suspect, who was identified as Tran suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound , and died at the site. There are still many mysteries to be answered but the sheriff’s department has stated that Tran was likely to have attended the very first venue that the suspect targeted, and that his ex-wife claims she was with Tran there, and that he gave his free dance lessons. The mayor of Monterey park released the following statement, in which offered condolences to all the victims and encouraged people to come together following such an awful event.

Quick Summary

In this tragic incident, 11 souls have been lost as well as many more affected. It is a reminder that gun violence must be addressed at the root source to prevent such tragedies from repeating themselves. This means stricter gun control laws, improved medical services for mental illness, and making sure that everyone is safe. These steps are essential to the prevention of mass shootings in future and protecting our precious lives.

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