The accident of the French-supplied helicopter near Kyiv on Monday, 17th August was a devastating moment that marked a sad change in the course of Ukraine. In the wake of Russia’s incursion, Ukraine is suffering terribly. The Russian missile hit an apartment building in Dnipro the previous day, killing many civilians , including six kids. In the same week, a helicopter Super Puma, which was donated by France that crashed into the outer outskirts of Kyiv in Kyiv, killing the whole staff of Ukraine’s interior ministry. The country is still struggling to accept the tragic loss of life. The family of the deceased sends our heartfelt condolences to the families of those who lost their lives.

Q1. Q1. What was the event that led to Russia’s military invasion?

in 2014 Russia launched a war in Ukraine that has been characterized by some as an “invasion”. The invasion included the encroachment of Russian militaristic equipment and troops to Ukraine’s western and southern regions. Also, it saw the Russian Federation annexe Crimea. The incursion and the annexation process was preceded by a string of events that included the ousting of Ukraine’s proRussian president Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014 and the subsequent installation by a pro-Western parliament in Kiev. This change of government was met with opposition from Russia, which viewed the situation as an attack against the strategic interests of Russia.

Q2. Q2. How many people died after the Russian missile struck an apartment block in Dnipro the Russian city of Dnipro?

The lives of many were tragically taken in the event that an Russian missile hit the apartment building in Dnipro. According to the reports there were 11 persons were killed in the event. The missile was originally aimed toward military targets inside the city. This includes civilians as well as military employees. Instead, the missile struck an apartment building, but it didn’t hit the intended goal. Its impact caused the apartment to collapse and caused extensive damage, leading to the deaths of 11 victims. The incident is an illustration of the neglected dangers of misdirected missiles with consequences that can be devastating.

Q3. Q3.

The fatal helicopter crash in Kyiv on November 12, 2020 caused the loss of five people. Five people were aboard the aircraft, Yulia Armova (a Brovary resident), Oleksandr Kostenko (a Myronivka resident), Olena Karpenko (a Brovary resident), Oleh Zaytsev (a Brovary resident) and Oleksandr Kuzmenko (1,299 deaths). The helicopter was en route from Kyiv to Brovary when it came down near the town of Luchky which is located about 40km from Kyiv. The cause of the crash is currently under investigation.

Q4. Q4. What type of helicopter was France provide that crashed close to Kyiv’s outskirts?

Many people are still wondering what caused the recent helicopter accident which occurred Brovary (Ukraine). According to news reports this incident was caused by a French-supplied helicopter. The Eurocopter AS350B3, is lightweight, single-engine aircraft which is designed to transport passengers and cargo. The capability of this craft makes it ideal for flying short distances and its relatively low cost makes it a popular choice for deployment in numerous zones. This craft is also the cause of tragedy such as that of Brovary.

Q5. Q5.

Brovary was the site of a fatal helicopter accident which occurred in Ukraine on the 4th of April 2021. The crash site was near the village of Novi Petrivtsi, the crash scene was around 19 miles from the city’s centre. Rescue personnel located the exact location of the accident at the junction with the Highway M-05 which is an unimportant service road, and the highway. The reason for the crash was initially unknown, though it was later discovered to have been caused by an internal mechanical problem with the aircraft itself. While the specific nature of the cause is currently in the process of being determined, it’s suspected to be connected to the state of the engine and/or wiring of the aircraft.

A Quick Summary

Another stark reminder of Russia’s brutal assault on the Ukrainian civilian population is this terrible tragedy. There are many doubts about what caused the tragedy and why it happened, this incident serves to highlight the immense losses and suffering the war has inflicted on innocent civilians living in Ukraine. While we grieve the death of these brave leaders as well as their families, we must also remain vigilant in standing up for Ukraine to honor their memory and ensure that their sacrifices weren’t for nothing.

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