Transplant Rogan O’Handley who is best known through his Instagram handle, @dc_draino. He is an individual that shares “politics for patriots” on Instagram, a social media platform that has . Million of followers. Prior to his move to Tampa in 2007, O’Handley was an eminent Hollywood attorney , with political beliefs that frequently did not agree with those of the local celebrity elite. O’Handley was immediately struck by the vibrant vibe of Tampa stunning weather and clear waters when attending a close friend’s Tampa wedding. The contrast was stark with Los Angeles.

A Fox News Digital reporter conducted an exploration this month of Tampa, Florida, in search of the motives for why the city has grown into one of the most highly desired places to live as well as work in America. O’Handley shared his top five places to start on the tour. He said that Tampa offers an affordable lifestyle , with amazing scenery and weather. It is also a place with an absence of congestion and a lack of traffic, making it according to him the ideal place to reside in America. O’Handley is a California native who relocated to California with his possessions, is just one of the people who are moving to the area.

Rophy Corner Rophy Corner, which is situated in the city’s Harbour Island, boasts stunning panoramic views of the city’s skyline as well as numerous waterfront activities. O’Handley said, “It’s so close to the city’s New year’s celebrations that there’s a smell of smoke of gunpowder” as well as that “This is the most desirable place in America to reside!” American Social, a mere few steps away from Tampa Convention Center, Tampa Convention Center, provides easy access to Pirate Taxi ferry services, paddleboard rentals, and the Bay Rocket water ride. O’Handley says there’s constantly something to do on weekends. Furthermore, Armature Works, a sprawling warehouse, adds to the area’s entertainment offerings.

Armature Works, situated along the breathtaking Hillsborough River, which formed the basis for Tampa’s progress it has evolved into one of the city’s best nightlife destinations. The establishment offers an array of diverse food, cocktails as well as lively music and events for families of all ages, Armature Works promises a enjoyable experience for all who come to. O’Handley stated, “Reserve a beverage and stroll along the riverbank to see manatees.” Armature Works offers fun and recreation for people of all ages. The park has a variety of Adirondack seats that overlook Tampa’s beautiful countryside. Busch Gardens can also be close by if you’re searching for more fun.

Busch Gardens is a Florida theme park which offers half-dozen high-end rides and stunning safari-animal experiences. It’s located in Tampa. It has a wide array of species of exotic creatures, like black rhinos, alligators, giraffes as well as others offering a thrilling thrill for adrenaline junkies as well as families alike. Recently, reports have suggested it is possible that South Florida researchers are utilizing Raccoons fitted with GPS to catch invasive pythons. In addition, Hyde Park Village Tampa has been booming with activity, which includes a number of neighborhood villages.

Rogan O’Handley is a celebrity Instagrammer who tells us that Tampa isn’t a “main downtown”. Instead the best option is to pick a “pocket in Tampa” in order to “spend the day or the evening there”. O’Handley enjoys Hyde Park Village because of the high-end shops and a wide selection of dining options. At the latter restaurant, people enjoy the ambience which appears to be particularly popular at present. Hyde Park is a trendy neighborhood that is located in Tampa.

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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is known for being a tourist attraction that is family-friendly and an ode to Florida’s cultural and natural diversity. Its attractions are an excellent opportunity to connect with nature, and to learn about the fauna that Florida has to offer. Hyde Park Village, a near entertainment and shopping center, further adds to Tampa’s vibrancy. Tampa with its many vital facilities and services that people of Tampa are certain to appreciate.

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