If you’re a big fan of TLC’s “In 1,000 Days” chances are you’ve wondered the age of Meghan Crumpler might be. You’re lucky! It’s been revealed that she’s turning 40 in a forthcoming episode! Read on to find out the latest developments in her weight loss journey.

Tina Arnold

If you’ve been watching 1000 pounds of Best Friends on TLC, you’re probably wondering just what age Meghan Crumpler is actually. There is no doubt that Crumpler dropped over 100 pounds and is currently working to keep her weight off. There is a chance that you are not aware that Meghan is married to Tina Arnold, her best acquaintance. A bit larger, she is.

The two have known each other for many years. The couple reside in a shared basement. And while it’s clear that they’ve not been in a hurry to express their love but it’s difficult to know much about them.

There’s no specific information about what their home is. According to the show’s website, Meghan and Tina live in a “shared underground apartment.” There’s no way to tell if they are living in that house.

Ash Thebff

If you’ve been following the brand new TLC show, 1000-lb Best Friends, you probably know that one of the cast members is Meghan Crumpler. Crumpler is an Georgia resident. Even though she has no children at home, she’s got a longtime acquaintance, Vannessa Cross. They are striving to shed pounds. You’d think, they’ve been close friends from high school.

This show is scheduled to premiere on this Wednesday, March 28th. The show will feature five other women, Vannessa , Cross (Ashely Sutton), Tina Arnold and Tina Arnold. Each has shed a lot of pounds, however certain women are struggling. Season 2 will show how they’ve made progress towards better health and well-being.

Crumpler would like to not only share her weight loss journey as well as help her fellow friend. Both she as well as Cross appeared in the Discovery Plus app, Too Large, when they each had a weight of more than 1,000 pounds.

Michael Gibbs

If you’re a big fan of NCIS Perhaps you be familiar with Michael Gibbs, but you may not have heard of the former lover and coworker of his, Vannessa Cross. The history of Vannessa’s Cross and Michael Gibbs is fascinating starting at the Naval Academy. It continues to this day, with several very challenging times.

It is a close-knit family and have three children. The youngest of them is Werner He will turn 13 in 2021. His mother is too in the distance to see it.

Vanessa and Michael remain in touch and Michael is a great dad to their sons. We can guess that he’ll be doing the same to his own kids.

Jonathan Creager

The 1000-Lb Best Friends star, Meghan Crumpler has a new partner, Jonathan Creager. Jon and Meghan were introduced on the internet when they were playing video games. They started to hang out together and developed relationships.

In February 2021 Jonathan and Meghan were married in February 2021. The couple resided in California. They made the choice to move to Atlanta.

In spite of their affection for one their partner, they’ve never talked much about their marriage. Fans of the show look forward to the next season as it will explore their relationship.

While Meghan and Jonathan have been seen to upload photos that they have taken on Instagram There aren’t particulars on their wedding. There is a chance that they may not be ready for revealing their love story to the world.

She has lost weight.

The most effective way to explain Meghan Crumpler’s weight loss journey is to acknowledge her achievements where credit is due. There was a lot of excess weight to shed, and she took a lot of action.

She set out to embark on her diet. Though it was a crucial move, it’s not an instant remedy.

The weight loss came only after having bariatric surgery. When she finished her surgery, she had lost 160 pounds.

There’s more in Meghan’s story than just losing weight though. Her respiratory and mobility issues caused her to struggle. She had the use of an oxygen tank each day.

The goal she set was for a fulfilling life. As her father died her mother promised him she’d get healthy. Having watched television shows about weight loss, she decided participating in a weight loss show was a good way to accomplish this.

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