If you have read the book of Romans, then you are familiar with the saying, “The proper amount of self-care is the mother of patience.” This seems to be true most of the time. As mothers we are always on a rush and rushing to get things done, while the men can take their time and enjoy the little things. If you have ever noticed how your children handle pressure in their lives, then you know the true meaning of self-care. They thrive on it and grow as women.

If you are in charge of caring for your spouse or your children, then you need to find a way to incorporate the Word of God into your daily life. Self-care has been around in the scriptures from the beginning and we should continue the good work that the early moms did. The bible teaches us to care for our self first before we care for others. It is a message we should never forget.

If you are like the many women in the world that do not have a mother figure in the home, then self-care has to come from within. Women should always put themselves first before their children. This way they can take care of themselves first and not feel guilty if they take care of the kids. The best way to care for one’s self is by doing things like reading the bible, gardening, getting exercise and making time for family and friends.

Women in the bible who were strong had a fulfilling role and self-care was not something that was forced upon them. When Eve gave the apple to Adam, she said that Adam should eat the fruit of the tree. Many mothers throughout history have passed down the wisdom of taking care of yourself to the next generation. If you want to make sure that your children are taken care of and have all of the opportunities in life that they deserve, then self care must begin at home.

The bible teaches us that we should give to yourself rather than others. Many of us know that the world in which we live does not give to us freely. There are people who will take advantage of others who are not as fortunate as they are. This is why it is important to make sure that we are financially independent and have given to ourselves. By giving self care, you can allow yourself to enjoy what life has to offer without worrying about the things in life that you would rather be doing.

There is no shame in giving self care and there is no reason to feel guilty. People throughout the ages have cared for themselves in different ways. The most important thing is that you are able to identify with these different methods and choose the ones that you find easiest. It does not matter what your culture may say about self-care. In the new testament, God made sure that everyone has the opportunity to learn self-care techniques.

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