Luggare is an Italian manufacturer of men’s leather jackets, protective gear and accessories. They are well known for the quality and comfort of their products, but they have recently made a mistake that has cost them big money and upset many consumers. In 2020, the company paid over ten million dollars in damages to a consumer who died from an accidental opening of a zipper on one of the bags.

The accident happened at a warehouse owned by Luggare where the manufacturer was working to produce a new style of leather bag. This particular style was meant to replace the classic messenger style bags that had previously been sold. While testing the new model, the person responsible for putting the bags together inadvertently left one of the compartments open while turning the handle all the way in. As a result, the bag ripped open, resulting in serious injury to the man and woman. The injured man later died from his injuries.

In response, Luggare has recalled all of its bags that had the specific zip type security compartments, as well as all of its bags with the unauthorized access mark that had to be affixed to the outside of the bag. Along with this recall, Luggare has also issued thousands of additional bags bearing the authorized master locks and stopping device that it uses. Luggare says that these new designs will stop accidental opening as well as the ripping of the material while traveling. While nobody was hurt in the accident, the news station obtained photos of the damage to the victim’s face.

Luggare isn’t the only company that has a problem with accidentally opening bags. An official announcement about an accident in a New York grocery store last year caused quite a stir. A woman who was shopping in the store lost her handbag that contained $400 in cash. It is not clear whether she put the bag down on the conveyor belt or if it was opened by an assistant as it moved through the store. No injuries were reported, but the incident prompted a review of the New York Department of Commerce, which is investigating the use of the automatic door closure system for all of the stores in the area.

Some of the large international brands that use loose-fitting cable ties in their products have been identified as having a problem with the design of the tie snaps. Some models have been identified as having weak plastic snaps that break easily, allowing the garment to be opened without any resistance. There’s one problem with this, however. The US Food and Drug Administration approved the use of such ties, saying that they are strong enough to hold up against the force exerted when a person attempts to open the bag. Still, the EU approved master locks that are required by European law to be used in such countries could create a problem for travelers using them.

In the end, the question is should travelers be worried about the possibility of buying a bag apart from the one that their airline or hotel requires them to carry? Most people will think of the risk of purchasing loose-fitting ties that won’t hold up to the force of opening the bag. But the real concern is whether the manufacturer used flimsy, foreign-made plastic when producing the device. Such devices are very easy to break, especially if they are used on a regular basis. If the manufacturer used quality ties, then they would stand up to even the most strenuous labor.

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