Health is a state of overall physical, mental and emotional well being in which infirmity and illness are absent. Health is one of the five fundamental necessities of life. It is a term that includes body, mind, spirit and environment. As such, one should learn and understand the importance of each aspect so as to ensure that their overall health is improved.

Physical Health refers to how we look physically; whether we have acne, wrinkles, poor vision or are overweight. It also includes the ability to move and function normally. When it comes to physical health, people who do not eat a balanced diet will find that they tend to become obese and develop many other medical problems. On the other hand, if they take proper care of themselves, it will enable them to live longer lives and maintain good health. The importance of food is discussed in more detail in the next article.

Mental Health refers to how we feel psychologically; whether we feel positive or negative. It is not only important to keep a good balance between feelings and actions, it also means that we are able to think rationally and make wise decisions. This aspect is very important for us to consider when planning to make changes in our health and lifestyles. Emotional well being also depends upon mental health. People who are depressed, have low self esteem and are lacking in confidence may find it difficult to live healthy lives. To improve this aspect, we need to practice healthy attitudes and make wise decisions.

Environmental Factors include the types of clothes we wear, the way we bathe and clean, the way we clean, the time of day we work, whether we exercise or take a break, whether we get enough sleep and so forth. All these factors can have an effect on our physical health and therefore the overall quality of our lives. When it comes to the first factor, we need to keep ourselves clean and free from impurities.

The second most important factor is sleep. Our sleep can impact our mental health, as well as our physical health. If we do not get enough sleep, our minds and bodies will suffer when we do wake up. People who have poor sleep have a tendency to be prone to diseases, while those who are healthy tend to stay healthy and free from diseases. A healthy lifestyle also affects our emotional well being.

Health also refers to our emotional well being, which is related to the way we treat others. When we are healthy, others are more willing to trust and listen to us and allow us into their lives, as we become more confident and trustworthy. Healthy relationships are better and we tend to develop more positive feelings towards others. This aspect is also very important for a person to consider when planning to improve their health.

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