Generally, the best diet for your cat is one that contains all of the basic nutritional elements. Cats are obligate carnivores and need a diet high in protein and fat. They should also receive a good supply of vitamins and minerals.

Among the most common sources of nutrients for cats are meat, fish, and eggs. The proteins in meat are important for building a strong heart and a healthy reproductive system. Fish is also a good source of essential fatty acids.

Eggs are a great source of protein and B vitamins. They can be safe for your cat to eat if they are cooked. However, if you feed your cat raw eggs, they can carry bacteria and viruses that may cause illness.

While fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids, it should be a small portion of your cat’s diet. Fish can also deplete your cat of Vitamin E.

Bananas are rich in fiber and potassium, but are also high in sugar. You should limit the amount of bananas your cat eats to about 10% of their daily calories.

Oatmeal is a heart-healthy source of carbohydrates that is also safe for your cat. Oatmeal is not as sweet as other forms of cereal, so your cat may not be fond of it.

Apples are another great source of vitamins and fiber. The seeds are safe for your cat. However, the stems and leaves contain cyanide, which can be harmful to your cat.

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