Keeping your cat happy can be a challenge, but there are ways you can do it. From the basics like providing food and water to more exotic things like cat trees, you can help keep your kitty happy.

A happy cat is a healthy kitty. They need to eat and drink, and get at least ten to fifteen hours of sleep a day. They also need plenty of exercise. You can keep your cat active by playing with him or her, and giving them the chance to chase a ball or laser pointer. If your cat is extra energetic, try some clicker training exercises.

Some cats are born cuddlers. Others will need some prodding to get started. Providing a bed or lap can keep your cat happy and healthy. You can also try to hide treats for your cat, which will keep her happy.

A happy cat will also show off the happy-making kitty tail. The tail is a classic sign of happiness, and if you hold it in the air it will gently vibrate.

Providing cat treats in your pocket is a great way to keep your cat happy. Keeping a cat’s litter box clean is also essential. You can also hide old toys in the house to keep your cat entertained. You can also set up an indoor playground to keep your cat active.

If you’re not sure what the happy-making kitty tail is, try looking at the tail language of your cat. The tail is actually a useful way to read your cat’s emotions, and will help you figure out what your kitty wants and needs.

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