Despite their solitary nature, cats are capable of entertaining themselves. They can be very playful and enjoy exploring new environments. They can also spend a lot of time watching what happens around them.

Cats can form an attachment bond with their owners. This bond gives them a sense of comfort and security. It also helps them bond with other animals and humans. They can also be nervous, which can make them act in different ways. They may exhibit signs of aggression or hide from you.

Cats may also try to eat things they shouldn’t. They may try to drink milk or even eat bones. These objects may also cause foodborne illnesses. They may also become ill if they eat undercooked meat.

Some cats may become irritable and nervous if there are too many changes in their environment. They may paw at you or bite you. If they do, it is important to let them leave the situation when they are comfortable.

Some cats love to lick you. This is their way of marking you with their scent. Cats may also try to touch you on the cheeks or nose. This may help them bond with you, but it can also be overstimulating. It is best to back off if they get upset or annoyed.

Another way cats communicate is by rubbing their butts against your face. This is a social behavior that is often formed in kittenhood. If they are relaxed and confident, they will let you lick their butts.

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