Whether you are looking to adopt a new hamster or want to find out what they enjoy, there are many ways to learn about your new friend. You can learn about their behavior and what they enjoy in order to help them settle in to their new home.

It is important to learn proper handling techniques. If you are not sure how to pet a hamster, you may be putting your hamster at risk of a serious injury.

Depending on your hamster’s personality, you may want to start by cuddling and petting them. You can also give them small treats from time to time. If they like you, they will come to you to get petted and they will play with you.

You should also make sure to get them a lot of exercise. Whether you are playing with them or letting them run on a ball, hamsters will burn off a lot of energy.

You should also make sure to provide them with their essentials. This includes food, water, and a cage. They should also have a good amount of space. It is also important to give them plenty of time to adjust to their new home.

You should also make sure to clean their cage. Wash it with warm water and wipe it down. You should also make sure that you have fresh bedding.

Another way to learn what a hamster likes is to watch how they act around other people. If you can get your hamster to come to you and play with you, you can get more out of your relationship.

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