Taking care of your parrot is a vital part of keeping him healthy. A healthy diet should contain minerals, vitamins, and calcium. It is also important to keep his cage clean.

Keeping his cage clean will keep mold from forming, and will help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. If you are not sure how often to clean your parrot’s cage, break it down into daily or weekly chores.

Make sure your parrot has access to water everyday. This will keep his feathers clean and moisturized. However, it is important to remember to not soak him in stagnant water. Also, you should avoid cleaning his cage using harsh chemical cleaning agents. These substances may irritate his sinuses and sinus infections.

Parrots naturally prefer moist, humid environments. This is why parrots are so well-suited for a tropical climate. If you are not sure how often to wash your parrot, try to give him a bath once every other week.

Parrots will eat things in their cage. This includes the bars, perches, toys, food dishes, and more. If you are unable to clean your bird’s cage, then try to provide him with water in a back up bottle.

After you clean your parrot’s cage, remember to wash his food and water dishes. The dish should be washed with all-natural dish soap and water. After the dish is rinsed, dry it thoroughly.

Parrots are very sensitive to dirt and dust. If you are not careful, it could easily burn their skin. That is why it is best to use gentle cleaning methods. You should also avoid using hot water and steam as your primary method.

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